Our excellent team of freight forwarders ensures the timely and accurate completion of freight orders, even with full-scale administration of freight insurance if required.

We record our freight orders individually, by shipment in our ERP system, which ensures that the full history of each shipment can be tracked and retrieved in every case from order confirmation to completion.


Freight forwarding

Our customers’ operations are assisted by their personal contact persons at our company thereby ensuring that the best bespoke service by rendered in every case.

Having learnt the necessary product information (volume, destination, type, storage and packaging requirements), our experts equipped with profound knowledge of the given market advise our customers on the most convenient mode of transport and shipping route. With their assistance, measurable cost and time savings can be realised.

Full-truck load forwarding

With our own fleet and using services sourced from our relentlessly monitored and dependable subcontractors, we provide complex logistics solutions in road transportation all over Europe.

Part-truck load forwarding and groupage services

These loads are different from full-truck loads because they have smaller volumes and we transport goods belonging to several customers together. Therefore, forwarding methods are adopted to part-truck and groupage loads. Forwarding part-truck loads is a cost-efficient solution whenever short transit time is of the essence.

We perform groupage services according to a regular, pre-planned schedule with frequent and fixed departure times to ensure high quality service. Typically, small customer cargoes are shipped to our hubs and then delivered to consignees from there. We undertake to surely get part- and consolidated truck loads to their destinations in any European country.


We have Freight Forwarder’s Liability Insurance in place to keep our customers’ harmless, which provides cover for any damage caused by our freight forwarder during the logistics operations. Click on this link to view our policy..

Our damage/damage-free ratio stands at 0.09%.