About us
The Gönczi family established Gönczi Nemzetközi Szállítmányozó Kft. over 25 years ago. The company, with its main scopes of activities of shipping, freight forwarding and warehousing, was originally launched and still operates as a family enterprise, already under the management of the second generation.
The Gönczi family has shown strong commitment to continual development and uncompromised, high-quality service ever since the company was founded. Therefore, the members of the family personally lead the four strategic branches of the company, that is freight forwarding, warehousing, finance and business management. Customers are furthermore welcome to contact the top management directly to save time and address matters in an efficient and cooperative way.

We are working to deliver upon our customers’ main business objectives
Gönczi Kft. is working for its customers with reputed reliability and impeccable performance. As a result, despite the global economic crisis of 2008, our customer base has markedly expanded with new orders from the automotive industry. Furthermore, in answer to customer demand, our company has been active in distribution with a fleet of tail lift trucks since 2013 and operating an automotive warehouse since 2015.

Environmental protection and sustainable development
Gönczi Kft. is firmly committed to environmental protection. It has contributed to creating a cleaner, liveable and healthier world through its CSR activities. The company identifies and promptly averts the hazards endangering nature, health and safety. The company’s fleet of less than 3-year-old vehicles fitted with EURO 6 engines, system of incentives to encourage fuel efficiency and selective waste collection efforts all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Our subcontractors are aware and approve of our environmental policy thus ensuring that our customers are served in an environmentally friendly way.

Quality assurance
Gönczi Kft. is continuously improving its ERP system and internal procedures in order to perfect our services, and, as part of this endeavour, we pay special attention to our customers’ ever-changing requirements and expectations. High level professional operations are guaranteed by our quality management system in place that has been certified by e.com-CERT according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

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It is the mission of Gönczi Kft. to safely forward our customers’ consignments to their destinations by deadline. To this end, the company is continuously improving its services, upgrading its means of transportation and training its staff.

Along with preserving the traditional values of our family business, Gönczi Kft. is committed to providing professional logistics services for our customers in a reliable and environmentally friendly way. Based on our ever-expanding fleet of vehicles, unique expertise and market knowledge, we aim to serve as a gateway in freight forwarding connecting Hungary and Western Europe.

Milestones in the development of Gönczi Kft. since 1987 to this day

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