Company history

  Company history  
Our company started its activity in 1987 as Gábor Gönczi’s private enterprise. It continuously formed to become a company, and in 1997 as a legal successor, it became Gönczi Ltd., which is a 100% Hungarian owned business. Its owners take an active part in the operation and management. Our main profile is the domestic and international transportation, what we have performed successfully for more than 24 years now. During this long time, we have managed to gain very useful experiences concerning the characteristics of transportation. As a result of the company’s personnel and material development, we employ 59 persons at present in comparison to the only 2 employees at the beginning. A similar expansion can be seen in our vehicle fleet as well. We manage to operate with more than 48 trucks presently, and we are planning to increase this number continuously.

In May 2004, Gönczi Ltd. moved to its new, self-owned premises, what can be found at Szappanfőző körút 10., Sopron, Hungary. Our property lies on 12300m², which gives place for the offices on 660m², and for the garage. The proper maintenance, and therefore the reliability of our vehicles is guaranteed by our own garage.

We lay great emphasis on providing appropriate working conditions, and on the employment of well trained and reliable staff.
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